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21.65'' Waterproof LED Awning Light RV Trailer Truck Cargo Porch Light Super Bright

21.65'' Waterproof LED Awning Light RV Trailer Truck Cargo Porch Light Super Bright

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12V LED 21.65" Waterproof
Black Awning Light
Super Bright

Eqiupped with a 40 degrees downward illumination design, this LED awning light provides direct illumination to your RV exterior activity scope without light waste which is a significant improvement over the traditional awning lights. Its high lighting efficiency is helpful to save your cost. High intensity LEDs create super bright output. It has outstanding capability to stay waterproof and UV resistant, which gives it a wide range of applications including interiors and exteriors, like caravan, RV, camper trailer, mini-motor-home, coach, marine, yacht, etc.

To enhance its waterproof function and to leave a clean looking finish, two waterproof caps are designed to cover the screw holes at both ends. Installation is pretty simple. Just open the caps, fix the light to a surface and cover the screw holes back. A groove for collecting wires also contributes to the clean finish after installation.

It also functions as an annex light in your garden and yard. But remember to add a transformer for low input voltage. In order to enhance the waterproof function, there is no switch on the light body.
Please make sure its size meets your need before you place order.
Voltage: 12V DC
Wattage: 11W
Current draw: 920mA
No. of LEDs : 60-5050 SMD LEDs
Lighting color: cool white
Housing color: black
Luminous flux: 800 lumens 
Beam angle: 120 degrees
IP rating: IP66
Service life: more than 50,000hrs
Efficient 40 degrees downward illumination 
Surface mount design
Highly innovational LED technology
Durable with high output
Weight: 11.81OZ
Dimension: 21.6""x1.6"x1.2"







Lighting Color


No.of LEDs

Input voltage




Cool White



12V DC





1* LED Awning Light
mounting screws
mounting caps

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Carrying the responsibility for the product, sticking to the pursuit of continued satisfaction   of customer, our after-sales service will continue usual enthusiasm, only for every one "you" 100% satisfaction.

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Whichever way your demands forwarding to us, we will handle it at our best as soon as possible.

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