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Quality Guarantee

Quality Assurance

In order to capture your belief on outstanding products quality, we have had the inventive products admitted by the authorized assurance committee. Through the systematic monitoring and evaluation of project, service or facility, our products is sealed with the  FCC certification and supported from QAI LAB, in order to ensures the standards of quality are being met and striving for each client’s compliance. 

FCC Certification

FCC certification, you can regard it as the certification guarantee of the Federal Communication Commission.

Its legal effect rages on the 50 states of United States, Colombia and the other United States regions.And as all the relevant legal provisions going, the premise of radio applications, communications products and digital products stepping into the U.S. market is required to be gaining FCC certification, which including the LED of course.
Hence, with the approval of FCC, 12vonline lamps can be run normally in an electromagnetic environment, without generating intolerable electromagnetic interference. In brief, our lights are in compatibility with the electromagnetic environment, without interfering with other devices while maintaining a strong anti-interference ability, working normally and stably.

QAI LAB Support
Our products have been gotten the certification regarding to all the requirements on electricity products by QAI.
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