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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

So important is your privacy to us, we develop such a privacy policy to put you across to our ways to collect and manage your information. If any question, allow us to hear from you.

Usage Scope

  • Only collect personally identifiable information for shipping and after-sales service, all the personal information you filled in before will not be delivered to a third party without your personal permission, such as phone number, recipient address, email address, etc.
Access for SSL




*We will introduce SSL encryption when credit card payment is available.
  • Under the defending of SSL encryption, all your identifiable information of credit card will be encrypted and protected strictly from your computer to our secure server, only to avoid of information leakage in the transfer process.
Cookie Application
  • We use necessary cookies technology to enable caching so that it will faster your website browsing speed.
  • Tracking technology is applied to track website visitor behavior patterns. We only collect personal unrecognizable information. Indeed, the action will include the use of the cookie applet stored in your browser. If insist for privacy protection, typically can you change the browser settings to defend against the operation at ease, which does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. If you disable cookies in your browser, some functions will not work.