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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

Welcome to delivery instruction, here you will find relative info corresponding to the delivery. Hope the tutorial instruction is indeed in need.

Delivery Service Scope

  • Our delivery service spreads over the most parts of the general United States. Direct delivery from American native warehouse is specifically arranged to guarantee the fast and efficient delivery, please forgive no pickup is allowed. As some remote places are out of our service scope, welcome to contact us for confirmation.

Handle Time for Shipping

  • Our handle time is within 24 hours once the remittance is reflected on our account, we will arrange the delivery and keep you known of the parcel status by emailing tracking number when the order is shipped.

Dominate Delivery Method

  • Your items will be delivered by USPS currently, and more efficient deliver options will follow up to serve you with full-service and fast delivery

General Shipping Time

  • The general shipping time is within 3-5 business days, as for the special delivery to some remote regions , its relative delivery time requires more on the road objectively.

Relative Shipping Cost

  • Express service is provided with extra expense added, which does pertain to the all the feasible specialty consignation as your personal requirement.
  • Enjoy free shipping when the order amount is more than $100, and of course, the payment for delivery is designated with a principle that no profit originates from the shipping, that is to say, the corresponding postage fee will be charged as the carrier charges us in principle. And for attaining the maximum satisfaction of each client, free shipping is ready to send for each client with order more than $100.


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