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Payment Mode


Payment Instruction

Proper way to accomplish the payment? Here is the detailed  regulation as the accordance while you are stuck in payment problem. We always look forward to your 100% satisfaction through the convenient operation.

Payment Mode

       1.     PAYPAL payment, bank transfer are accepted paying methods currently.
       2.     Please ensure your payment accounts available and valid ahead of purchasing. And more payment methods will be in application in the near future.
       3.     Strongly recommendation for PAYPAL payment, due to the immediate fund transfer for instant delivery arrangement instead of waiting for the fund’s clearing.

Payment Precaution

       1.   All the information of your payment account should be exactly reserved correct for successful payment accomplishment. And the information of remittance account will be reflected when conducting checkout automatically.

       2.   If you desire something special on arrangement, please leave a note when you conduct the payment and also inform us by message directly.

      3.    If you prefer bank payment, please attention to leave your order ID as your payment reference.