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Purchase Flow

Purchase Procedure

Eager to lead you the most convenient path into successful oder submitting, so that the tutorial stepwise come into existence, and for your nice shopping journey.
Purchase Flow for Order Online

Step 1:Product Browse

  • For the sake of the easiest application experience, three methods is provided for random shopping, including shop by advertisement, shopping by category and even by the advanced search bar, the detailed display is shown as the chart:

Step2: Click “Buy It Now” Button

  • Determined to bring the item to home? “Buy It Now” button should be the next point sealed with your click on. Just add the favor to your cart and go on to step 3.
Step3:Checkout or Continue Shopping
  • After clicking the “Buy it now” button, following up is a dialog box popping up, reminding of the successfully adding to cart and consulting your willingness to continue or not. If you click on the “Go to Checkout” then you will jump to the step 4 (view shopping cart), otherwise, you will stay on the same page for continue shopping.

Step 4: View Shopping Cart

  • Time for checking the cart inside, have a glance at what you bought through picture, name, quantity, subtotal amount. You can also have random access for the order delete, clear the cart and update the cart.
  • Update the cart: After your manual change of quantity, please remember to click the “update the cart” button for keep the order information before click “checkout”. With the step left out, the purchase system will default to neglect the update news, and have the previous information as the order basis information. So it is a good idea to get a habit of clicking “update” when on the demand of change.
Step 5: Checkout or Continue Shopping
  • The two indicate buttons are just set right down below the good list:
    If click the “checkout” icon, the website will automatically check whether your have login in, if you have logged in, directly will you complement the consignee information (step 7), especially for the first purchase. If you have purchased our products before, you will go directly to the final checkout (step 8) to confirm all the information.
    If select the “continue shopping” button, you are likely to resume the interesting shopping from home page, and of course, the goods added before will be reserved in cart ,unless you clear the cart or click the delete the order.

Step 6: Checkout Methods Selection

  • If you haven’t logged in before and are willing to check out after the clicking on “check out”, three checkout methods turn up , as you see, login checkout,register checkout or anonymous checkout are at your services.

Step 7: Complement Consignee Information

  • Complement the user information ahead of checking out is necessary step to guarantee the successful transaction and delivery, you can fill in the relative information for checkout by 3 ways, including anonymity, login and even register. Please pay attention to the exactly valid of each filling item, which is of importance.

  • What can’t be missed, the new register will get $5 bonus as welcome gift, recommending new guy to take one ID as one client member of 12vonline. And undoubtedly, the anonymous way is also appreciated.
Step 8: Checkout Process
  • The checkout process is combined of good list, consignee information, shipping, billing ways and payment method. Please double check all the information in valid situation in advance of verifying and submitting. While scanning for examination, you can click the “modify” sign once recognizing issue, as it is the core point of the purchase flow, which will be the basis accordance of the following order dispose.
    Indeed, the bonus can offset the corresponding nominal value in our website, and welcome to use bonus in 12vonline.

Bonus Application:

Step 9: Final Order Placed

  • Click the “Verify & Submit” and there will be a prompt message coming out to remind you the “successfully submit”, and after that so can we deal with the order and arrange the relative delivery as soon as possible.


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